On October 8, I had the privilege of joining the Morden and District Chamber of Commerce for its Annual Business Awards Gala, to speak on the community, business, and the power of vision. 

As a "country kid" myself, it was humbling to connect with so many inspired leaders from Morden and the surrounding area, and the visionary business owners that call the city home. There's something special about the community - a real sense of welcoming and a place to call home as soon as you enter city limits. This thriving place in Southern Manitoba is a hidden gem in Manitoba, building on its quiet legacy and agricultural foundation, readying for an explosive trajectory of growth. While Manitoba has its own plans to increase population and economic development, Morden has plans of its own.

Morden has a bold vision to nearly double its population to 15,000 by 2020, and will do so by employing the Province's only city-initiated immigration strategy to bolster its size and diversity over the coming years. With focus on growth, it intends to support rapid diversification through social services, infrastructure, and a focus on environmental and economic sustainability along the way. The city corporate plan is truly impressive as it is unique - and attainable. 

In addressing the gala that evening, I spoke of a passion for community and connectedness, and how creating a vision has the power to unite energy, effort, and accomplishment when people work together. In a time where revenue and profitability dominate strategy, I also touched on the power of giving back, and its ability to provide sustainable business opportunity well into the future. 

The city of Morden is a force unto itself - and will be one to watch as its vision to 2020 unfolds.