Last week, I launched a short-term series aimed at highlighting standout young leaders. The kickoff of Millennials - Evolving Perception One Changemaker at a Time featured Vikas Mohindra, a 29 year old Vice-President and Senior Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch in New York. The series follows quick-hit Q&A insights from North American leaders in tech, finance, film, food and more, and evolves common assumption that millennials are lazy. Uncover what drives this generation, what they can't live without, and what they wish to leave as a legacy.
This week's Millennial Gamechanger is Jeff Boodie. Based in L.A., Jeff is the 30 year of Founder and CEO of JobSnap, a mobile app replacing traditional resumes with video. The app, which offers an intimate ability to reach and engage with Gen Z (the generation trailing Millennials), has been called the "Tinder of jobs" and started disrupting the recruitment industry early 2016. 
Born and raised in New York City, Jeff identified an unserved niche in high and began his first enterprise selling candy to peers, eventually building the business that paid his college tuition. Despite a pre-med academic path, Jeff chased business to his first job with Oprah Winfrey, managing financials and overall business on O Magazine with interactions on The Oprah Winfrey Show and He moved to DreamWorks Animation as a recruiter (focused on entry-level artist and junior technical director positions), then to startupIntern Sushi (now Career Sushi) as a founder, and finally co-founded the JobSnap app, where Gen Z users tell their story via a 30 second videos.

  1. What motivates you most? My drive to change the world.  
  2. What 3 items can you not live without?  iPhone, Macbook Air, and my Fitbit. 
  3. On any given day, what are the top 3-5 ways you communicate?Texting, emailing, and calling. 
  4. How do you know you've made it? When I've sold more than one company. 
  5. Most concerned about 10-20 years from now? Pollution and global warming.
  6. Advice you'd give your 16 year old self? The universe will provide all of your needs. Don't go to college – learn code. 
  7. In your current business, what aspects are a must? Autonomy, travel, and impact.
  8. What are you afraid of? That I’ll die before I can truly make an impact.  
  9. Where do you look first for the latest news/trends? Online or window shopping. 
  10. Failure is... not an option. 
  11. When you leave a legacy, what will it be? To make peoples dreams come true!